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Subject Select Committees

see also: Standing Select Committees - Special Select Committees

Any Bill sent to Parliament can be referred to any Committee of the Subject Select Committees. The Committees cover almost every topic one could think of.

They are set up by Parliament at the beginning of a new Parliament.

The Subject Select Committees and its Members are set down as follows.

Standing Orders 316 provides for the setting up and the life of the various Subject Select Committees:

Select Committees for 2007

Commerce Select Committee

Education & Science Select Committee

Finance and Expenditure Select Committee

Foreign Affiars, Immigration and Trade Select Committee

Land, Local Government, Cultural Affairs Select Committee

Law and Order Select Committee

Labour Select Committee

Privileges Select Committee

Social Services, Health, Environment Select Committee

Property Law Special Select Committee

Media Standards Select Committee

Standing Select Committees

These Standing Committees are set up at the beginning of a new Parliament and their memberships are as follows:

Special Select Committees

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