Coat of Arms of the Cook Islands


Standing Orders

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Part I


Part II Meeting of New Parliament
Part III Election of Speaker
Part IV Election of Deputy Speaker
Part V Presiding in Parliament and Committee
Part VI Opening of Parliament
Part VII Address in reply
Part VIII Swearing in of Members
Part IX Languages
Part X Seats of Members
Part XI Attendance of members
Part XII Duties of Clerk
Part XIII Official Report
Part XIV Sessions, Meetings and Sittings
Part XV Quorum and Counting of Parliament
Part XVI Adjournment of Parliament to Discuss Public Business
Part XVII Arrangement of Business
Part XVIII Papers
Part XIX Petitions
Part XX Messages from the Queen's Representative
Part XXI Ministerial Statements
Part XXII Personal Explanations
Part XXIII Questions to Ministers and Members
Part XXIV Motions
Part XXV Putting the Questions
Part XXVI Resolutions and Votes
Part XXVII Amendments
Part XXVIII Voting and Divisions
Part XXIX Rules of Debate
Part XXX Rules of Order
Part XXXI Bills
Part XXXII Private Bills
Part XXXIII Committees of the Whole House
Part XXXIV Money Grants and Taxation
Part XXXV Estimates and Financial Procedure
Part XXXVI Instructions to Committees or house of Arikis
Part XXXVII Select Committees
Part XXXVIII Standing Committees
Part XXXIX Witnesses
Part XXXL Strangers
Part XLI Privilege
Part XLII Broadcasting
Part XLIII Balloting
Part XLIV Time LImit of Speeches
Part XLV Code of Conduct for Members
Part XLVI Convention to Standing Orders



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